Swedish Rye Bread in a Carton

I went to Ikea with Jess and Beck the other day. I didn’t need any furniture but I did need odd food from the Swedish grocer. I bought some biscuits and caviar in a tube, but my favourite purchase for the day was:

Swedish Rye Bread in a carton.

Swedish Bread

Following the instructions I:

  • just added water
  • shook (I feel like the word should be ‘shaked’ in this context)
  • poured

…and voila!

Swedish Bread2

It was a bit stinky when it first came out of the oven, but was pretty tasty. Over the next day or so it got even tastier until it was positively delicious!

Swedish Bread3

2 thoughts on “Swedish Rye Bread in a Carton

  1. David

    What would happen if you drank it instead of baking it? Does the packet list any unusual side-effects?

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