TED helping me relinquish responsibility

I’ve been dipping into TED a bit lately so I thought I’d share the two TED talks I watched this morning as a substitute for a real blog post. If you’re not familiar with TED, the talks might seem long, but they’re worth it.

Barry Schwartz on the paradox of choice

Elizabeth Gilbert on a different way to think about creative genius

It’s only now as I post them that I realise a common theme between the talks. Both  discuss the increased burden of personal responsibility. Elizabeth Gilbert talks about the responsibility for your creative successes and failures and the often crippling effect it has on creative people. Barry Schwartz talks about the burden of choice in modern life.

It seems interesting that young people (and old) are often accused of not taking responsibilty for their actions. I wonder if trying to find excuses for your actions (I have a disorder of some kind; I had a difficult childhood) is a reaction to the constant daily burden of being held responsible for every tiny (and grand) success and failure in life.


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