On shelter

I met Meg bright and early this morning to go take a look at the Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) Refugee Camp at Treasury Gardens. It was excellent! Anyone with a free half hour before 5pm this Sunday should head down and take a look. They’ve set up shelter, toilets, a food supply tent, water storage, medical clinics – it was such an effective way to convey the impressive and logistically nightmarish work that MSF does. Even though Meg and I like to think we’re total pros in the world of international aid (ha!) we were asking a million questions a minute to the women who got trapped taking us on a tour. You and your kids and your grandma and your dog will find it interesting.

My camera was battery-flat this morning so I didn’t get any photos and the MSF website’s photos of the exhibit don’t do it justice, so you’ll just have to head down there yourself.

A bit later I met Ro and Greg for lunch. On the way to Big Mama for the world’s best agedashi tofu we stopped in at the RMIT Gallery to peak at Shelter: On Kindness. You may recall my dream of one day having my very own teahouse. This exhibition filled my teahouse-longing soul with glee! The various kinds of shelter have been constructed inside the gallery – one of them is even cut out of the wall. You can climb into some (and possibly others if no one is looking). Again, no camera, not many photos to steal from the website (just the one below) – go see it for yourself.

Both events are free and no one asks you for money (not even at the MSF Refugee Camp but you’ll probably want to give them loads of it once you’ve seen what they do).


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