The Lovely Internet

Even though I’m thinking about an internet sabbatical, I still think the internet is the best thing ever. It has things like the Beckoning of Lovely. You can watch this video below, but I recommend going to the original site. It’s nice to look at.

The girl who organised this has a blog at  Perhaps we could start a coalition of “girls with a question before our name” blogs.

5 thoughts on “The Lovely Internet

  1. David

    Anything but flash mobs, please! Lolcats are infinitely preferable.

    Amy Krouse Rosenthal initiated the project last fall by filming a spontaneous public gathering on 8/08/08 at “The Bean” in Millennium Park

    Not sure how it could be called “spontaneous” if it was advertised on a YouTube video several weeks before it happened. Spontaneous means that something happens without pre-arrangement, right?

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