Onward to Rome!

Have I mentioned my upcoming trip to the Continent. I’m going back to the land of my ancestors with the clever woman who played a key role in my being Italian, MJ. (who brilliantly thought to marry an Italian man – sure we don’t get passports, but the nice surname is something).

Today I started thinking about the itinerary which is being guided by a conference that MJ is attending in Rome and visits to places that relate to her work. I can accommodate that I suppose.

I drew up a spreadsheet just to extend the lovely planning process as long as possible. I’ve never really planned a trip before, tending to use the, “let’s get there and see what happens” approach, but I realise now that this way I get to THINK about Italy for much longer, which is certainly pleasurable in itself.

I’ve got an Italian dictionary next to me so I can slowly trawl though Italian websites and a million butterflies in my stomach as I worry how we are going to fit everything in.

This will be my third trip to Italy but there is so much I haven’t seen and would really like to do. We’ll be in Europe for three weeks and also have dates with Paris and Bruges. How is this possible?

If only it wasn’t winter and I hadn’t become allergic to cold weather…I could have just stayed.

Oh, there’s one other brilliant aspect to this trip. We’re going in December, in the lead up to Christmas – which is my favourite time of year. There will be Christmas markets and actual religious references (novelty value!), and I won’t have to listen to everyone hating on Christmas, (ugh, so many parties, have to buy presents, have to eat delicious food, everything looks pretty, grumble grumble grumble), because they’ll be doing it in Italian!

4 thoughts on “Onward to Rome!

  1. Josh

    ahem, now I don’t think “hating on” is a real expression in the English language. I think it is something learnt from vulgar Americans and their television. “hating” serves perfectly. Or, if you mean “everyone expressing their hatred of Christmas”, then you should say so.

  2. Sarah Fortuna Post author

    You’re free to comment Josh, however if you wish to have editorial control I respectfully suggest you get your own blog.

  3. David

    There is such fortune a-plenty
    When one is seven and twenty.
    They soothsay of romance in Rome,
    Fortunate meetings far from home,
    Cappuccinos, canaries, cats,
    Short bright strangers in dark tall hats.
    Fortune-tellers importune that
    There is such fortune a-plenty
    When one is seven and twenty.

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