Good things update

Feel like sharing a few good things on a cosy, got-a-cold/watching-TV Sunday night (after a sunny day at the zoo).

1. United States of Tara. It took a few episodes to warm up but now that we’re about 6 episodes in I can’t wait for Wednesday night. I told one of my friends in Bangkok about it and she hadn’t heard of it, so in case UST is not on the telly wherever you are, I reckon you could track down a DVD and not be disappointed.

2. Revisiting albums from a few years ago. After dinner at Josh’s the other night, with some Aimee Mann on the CD player, I’ve been revisiting the Magnolia soundtrack this week and boy I love it. It’s one of my favourite albums of allllll time (whatever that means) but often I forget to listen to it because I’m listening to something new.

3. Camy Shanghai. Ugh, going to Camy Shangai for dumplings the other night could have been a terribly sad experience. It’s gone a bit funny in the last couple of years since becoming the ultimate Melbourne ‘secret’ cliche. Now, the waiters all yell at you Australian slang, they have beer ads on every available surface and the crowd was objectively awful – but the food was exactly the same deliciousness and exactly the same price. Three of us, loads of food, three beers = $30.


Today I was crossing the road and a man whispered something under is breath and then, “biffo!” he whacked my shoulder with his shoulder! Weird.


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