Oh wait…I have nothing to say today!

My mobile internet is so BAD at the moment. If I’m really lucky, I’ll get a 30 minute stretch without it dropping out. Once that happens I have to go through a 10 minute process to reconnect it. 3, you suck. I’m pretty sure the only thing that would make crap internet OK is SUMMER! Come on summer… I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed you!

Here’s Reuben.


Yesterday we went to Shepparton for the day.

Rueben and Jess

We had coffee. I taught Reuben how to say ‘caffe latte’. Yep, it was pretty intense.

HA! tricked you into reading a whole post in which I say NOTHING!

3 thoughts on “Oh wait…I have nothing to say today!

  1. David

    Life: a continuous never-ending horror-filled chasm of Nothing. Nothing to say, nothing to do, nothing to think, nothing to stew. The inevitability of death is life’s one solace. Death at least is something rather than nothing. Still, a caffe latte might make things more bearable for a while.

  2. Heather

    Love to say nothing in return, but I loved hearing about your ordinary day. It makes a nice change from reading stuff about how to succeed, reform the health system, perform well in interviews, simplify your life, get the most out of your career etc. Makes me appreciate an ordinary day in a cafe with a delicious cafe latte while thankfully the internet has packed up. Thanks for all your nothing.

  3. Sarah Fortuna Post author

    Lovely point Heather. I get tired of all the somethings too – I just wish I was better at doing nothing. Wait, I could probably find a blog all about how to more efficiently do nothing!

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