From the seriously overpopulated worm farm. I dug some out and put them in the regular compost heap – secretly expecting our one-winged magpie to take advantage of the easy meal. Have I mentioned the one-winged magpie yet?

I’m back in Melbourne this week. Reporting notes:

  1. This weekend, 100% of my social activities included Guitar Hero. Yes, that included the new Beatles game, and yes it was AWESOME! WAIT, hold the phones, I was just hunting for Guitar Hero links and discovered that the Beatles game is actually, Beatles: Rock Band. Phew, that was close. Anyway, if that doesn’t reflect something about the zeitgeist then I don’t know what does.
  2. Saw A Day in Pompeii at the Museum today. Two of the sections were particularly brilliant – the 3D reenactment of the eruption of Mt Vesuvius in 79AD, and the plaster casts of bodies found preserved under the lava. That last one sounds gross but it was actually stunning.
  3. It’s SPRING! Sometimes that means that when you think it’s warm and sunny outside, it’s actually not quite, but sometimes it also means it’s 29 degrees! You all want to say it, hooray for global warming! Does that remind you of Postal Service?

“Again last night I had that strange dream where everything was exactly how it seemed concerns about the world getting warmer people thought that they were just being rewarded for treating others as they’d like to be treated for obeying stop signs and curing diseases for mailing letters with the address of the sender. Now we can swim any day in November.” – Postal Service, Sleeping In

2 thoughts on “Worms!

  1. David

    [The following piece of prophecy was fortuitously found last Friday on a golf course in Dubai. Take heed.]

    While working-women tend to worms a nonchalant nearby volcano voluptuously vomits a large unlittle load of motherloving lava. The worm-tending working-women go “Oh!” as a raucous rock band vociferously records a record re: the return of Vesuvius, verily.

    All the while, a watchful one-winged magpie marches merrily, searching serendipitously for surviving worms for festive frying in its wonky pre-warmed wallaby-wesistant wok.

    O beetles and worms may I have for lunch;
    The worms are soft but the beetles go crunch.

    [End transcript.]

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