In the backyard today

rushworth backyard grub

I was chopping wood today and as I chopped one piece in half there was an explosion of little flakes of wood – it was like sesame seed confetti. I thought this was delightful (as I think anyone who saw it would have) so I looked inside the wood and looked on the ground where the wood confetti fell and look who I found. Shiny yellow grub. When he fell out of the wood he just lay there for a while – I suppose he needed time to adjust to his new circumstances. But before long he found a new piece of wood to chomp down on.

wood grub 006

I went back to chopping wood and accidentally sent wood flying right on top of him. He seemed to be alive but possibly angry – it’s hard to tell what his face is doing, I saw little black things that could have been eyes or teeth or possibly something else I don’t know the name of. So I moved my woodchopping elsewhere.


5 thoughts on “In the backyard today

  1. Beck

    That’s a witchitygrub!!!!! We used to see lots when we went out chopping wood in the bush with Dad…..many many many years ago…..

  2. David

    Lara’s idea is great; eating wildlife could be part of your No Spend Month. A pot of boiled grubs is as good as a takeaway.

  3. Josh

    Hey saw two grubs of my own whilst chopping a log today! Not as big or strong yellow as this, but still thought I’d pass it on! One fell the unfortunate victim of my attempt to extract it from the log. The other I left upon a chip out the back.

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