Another country day

My love of country living is intensifying daily! Today I spent the day outside instead of doing work. See, the country is great because you can do that kind of thing and it seems like the more responsible option. Instead of sitting in front of the computer all day I’m going to go out into the sunshine and do some work in the backyard.

rushworth backyard blossom

I spent the morning raking grass down the back and burning stuff, which I think is my second favourite backyard activity, chopping wood being my favourite. I also chopped wood today. Not much though, just enough to keep the fire going tonight. I made frittata to take to the movies tonight, and watched Derryn chainsaw the tree that fell out of the ground. MJ said that when there’s no rain tree roots stay close to the surface, and then when there is a burst of rain sometimes the soil gets too soft for the shallow roots to anchor – hey presto, tree falls out of the ground.

Time to get ready for movie night. We’re going to Star Cinema to see My Year Without Sex and Samson and Delilah. Very excited to see both films. I’m seriously far behind on Aussie films right now.

3 thoughts on “Another country day

  1. Beck

    OK – another photo I need from you! LOVE IT! Hey – also I just now caught up on the blog – I haven’t looked for a few weeks (too insanely busy at work AND since you were at my house – I felt I was up to date…. but of course now…. I need updating!)

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