Classic Drive with Julia Lester

Just thought I’d mention ABC Classic FM Drive with Julia Lester. I switched over to it the other day when the Radio National signal went bad and was pleasantly surprised by how good it was. A few hours of classical music is usually enjoyable enough, but this was better than all right, it was excellent! I’m not classical-literate enough to explain why I like it so much, but since then I’ve randomly heard other people commenting on how good Drive with Julia Lester is, like here, so it must be special.

8 thoughts on “Classic Drive with Julia Lester

  1. Josh

    just an observation unrelated to this post, I note the mast head photo for Where is Sarah might not be out of place if this blog belonged to Robert Doyle. It doesn’t mean it can’t also belong here, it’s just an observation. For what it’s worth, I quite like it. (I hear Doyle also enjoys Classic Drive with Julia Lester, but that’s an entirely separate matter…! We simply mustn’t confuse these things! It is not, categorically not, “Where is Robert Doyle?” That’s another blog. A completely different one. Oh, yes, they share the same *photo* — sure — these things are bound to happen on the internet, there are simply not enough photos to go around; doubling up at times is inevitable – but otherwise, the blog’s have different material. As you’ll find on nearly every day. Only today, [which is now ‘yesterday’, because Josh was unsure if this comment was too insulting or not, or really humorous enough or not, but he decided to post it because he kept hearing the voice of Robert Doyle loud and clear in what he’s written and cannot stop thinking of Robert Doyle when he sees the photo!], the blogs are almost identical in content.)

  2. Sarah Fortuna Post author

    Robert Doyle, Josh?! Really? I’ve missed most of RD’s time as mayor but it hasn’t taken long to catch up on the Melbourne zeitgeist, which seems to be firmly anti-Doyle. I was going to change my header photo tomorrow, but now I won’t because I don’t want to be seen as buckling under the pressure of your taunts!

  3. Josh

    a friend of mine when that story came out remarked that she had always quietly admired Robert Doyle for his eloquent trivialism and anarchism! But really this has been his single shining moment in my memory!

  4. Josh

    I think she possibly overestimates his anarchism, a clown is not really an anarchist, all the anarchy occurs within strict and relevant limits; indeed he is more a rule-loving conformist perhaps than everyone else.

  5. Alan Davidson

    The programme is supposed to be CLASSIC DRIVE. I suppose it is not really Julia’ fault but that of the programmer. Some of the rubbish from 5.10 pm on has been appalling and I aqm not alone in feeling this. The ABC is of course a law unto itself and it’s listeners are of little consequence I guess.

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