Yeah, Where is She?!

It seems like ever since I started this blog I pose the question that is the title with more and more frequency.

The obvious reason is that I started the blog at the beginning of a period of frequent travel, so I pose the question to locate myself physically. Where is Sarah? Melbourne!

I also pose the question when I’m not posting regularly, i.e. Where has Sarah gone? She doesn’t post anymore.

I’ve recently discovered another use for the question – Ugh, where am I? I’m all over the place!

I had a day of asking myself that question yesterday. I was a bit foggy all morning, so was keen to get out of the house and wake myself up. I left the house and only realised I’d forgotten my wallet when I was on the tram trying to buy a ticket. After that mishap and some of Rowan’s lasagne I thought I’d clawed back the day by getting a whole lot of paperwork signed and scanned. I’d completely forgotten about it in the morning and it was urgent. Then I went to meet my friend at the pub with plans to share my amazing reclamation of the day. I arrived first so I ordered a beer and read my book* and waited. about 15 mins passed and I wondered what was going on, but I didn’t want to hassle my friend yet, so I’d give her a few more minutes. Then she sent me a text wondering where I was….and the penny dropped. I was at the Court House Hotel on Errol St, not the Town Hall Hotel on Errol St. I had just automatically gone to the Court House but her text message triggered something and the information that was lodged in my brain somewhere happily sprang forth only 15 minutes late.


Ah! This post gives me the perfect excuse to post a very serious discussion that Josh and I had once about possible spin-off blogs. Please indulge me:

Josh: Could there be a tandem blog in the offing, “Who is Sarah?”…

Sarah: Maybe “Who is Sarah?” could contain all the internal murmurings and exploration of self, while “where is sarah” could focus just on location. “what is sarah?” could get a bit too philosophical I imagine. “How is Sarah?” would just be status updates reminiscent of facebook. Postings could be titled “Sarah is amused” “Sarah is disgruntled”. etc etc.

Josh: I like the way you think! Nevermind the over-philosophical, if the heart compels, I am definitely there to read what you’ve got to say. Sure, a few “where is sarah?” readers mightn’t get it, or be as keen. But what are they compared to me? Why I’m practically the Father of “Who is Sarah?”! And even if every other reader drops off, we will still be there, and we wouldn’t be as alone as all that! The obamas, their new puppy, and we know very well who else!

Sarah: Seth and Bowie!

Josh: Seth and Bowie!

Bowie I’m SURE will be, was in the sense of being still, or is a big fan of When is Sarah?

Seth – I’m not so sure . But he’ll be there and sit through it somewhat perhaps as he might have done Hanukkah – not that I know a plain thing about whether Hanukkah is something needing to be sat through at all!

Seth might call it Whenikkah is Sarahkah?

Bowie, meanwhile (and it’s ALL about the meanwhile), will wonder “I don’t know why you don’t just call it by its proper name, When is Sarah? Works for me”

Josh (an afterthought): Ahem, there is one point of wonder, or focus, that you left out, “When is Sarah?”. Now I’m not sure what that would entail, but then, in the past, or the future I might be or have been sure what When is Sarah? entailed, is entailing or entails. It’s starting to sound like a strange bowl of soup indeed! But I like the sound of When is Sarah? it’s got some punch, some pierce!

*First book club meeting on Thursday! The pressure is on!

1 thought on “Yeah, Where is She?!

  1. David

    Certainly I would say that there would seem to be room for a concept-blog called Who is Sarah that details the profound depths of a personality that keeps people in awe across at least two timezones. The physical landscapes of Sarah’s worldly wonderings have been thoroughly detailed and excogitated upon in a manner conducive to a general understanding of the kind of stuff that has been going on outside Sarah’s head while she has been in the various places that she has been to whenever that has happened to have been.

    Now, the time has clearly arrived for a thorough psycholinguistic analysis of what goes on inside Sarah’s head: What is her favourite colour on Friday afternoons? What does she really think about minor Star Wars characters that don’t really add to the plot but who were included for reasons known only to the screenwriters? All this and more is just waiting to be discovered by millions of potential readers, even though they’ve never heard of Sarah.

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