My brilliant sitting career

On Saturday, Chloe came over and we hung out for the day while her older sisters did “big kid” stuff…Lame-o. I took Chloe on a MASSIVE walk for a three-year-old – all the way to the supermarket. I was able to gauge whether I had exhausted her too much with the playground test. If we walked past a playground and she made a run for the slide, then I knew she still had a few hundred metres left in her. In fact, the only time we passed a playground without playing on it, we were so close to home that I convinced her that lunch and a rest were just around the corner.

We went to the supermarket to buy ingredients for….BLUE CAKES!



I mentioned to Chloe that we were a great cooking team, and she cried, “Team Work!” and showed me how to press our thumbs together which signifies team work. Obvs.

Go team!

Go team!

After babysitting on Saturday, today I’ve begun house/cat sitting at Lara’s house.

A sunny disposition

A sunny disposition

My home office for the week

My home office for the week

My raison detre

My raison detre

In other news, I got a new phone today and it has a full alphabet of keys. Jeeeeealous…? I now have the gadgetry to match my super professional heart and soul. In fact, my gadget inventory is getting kind of out of hand. I have:

  • Laptop
  • Camera
  • Ipod
  • Audio recorder
  • External hard drive (the extremely cute WD Passport) x2
  • All associated accessories such as chargers, spare batteries, tripod and cables
  • Various thumb drives, quantity dependent on how many I can find on a given day
  • And now the fancy phone to replace my old piece of junk.

All of these things are independently compact (apart from my dinosaur computer), but put all these tiny objects together and it’s getting a little heavy to carry around with me – which I do most days because you never know what you’re going to need. The problem is, buying one item that serves the purpose of two or more of these things FEELS.LIKE.EVIL. Replace a decent camera with a stupid little thing in a phone…uh, no. A phone with a few gb to play music as a replacement for an 80gb Ipod. Impossible! Now that I know the joy of carrying my entire music collection around with me I couldn’t possibly go back a small sample of a few hundred songs.

In the wise words of Greg, “THAT’S A BANANA!”

3 thoughts on “My brilliant sitting career

  1. David

    “Go team!”

    The more I look between the small little girl and the big little girl, the less I can tell who is who. The cat is camera shy right now. Cake will make it all better.

    What a fantastic “Possibly related post”:

    Daily gear deals – $30 laptop backpack, $7 headphones and more

    Even more stuff for you to collect and lug around like a post-modern Sherpa.

  2. Lara

    I wrote a post under Taffy’s name but then I decided that anthropomorphism should be left for literature like aesops fables. So I would like to say thank you for looking after taffy.

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