Charles in Charge Attacked Me – Twice!

Last night I had the most FRIGHTENING dream. I’m serious! The fear I felt in the dream was palpable!

So, in the dream, I got attacked by Scott Baio from Charles in Charge – twice.


I must confess that I was totally razzing him when I saw him somewhere in public. I was really nasty about his failing career, drug charges, etc (disclaimer: if any of it mirrors Scott Baio’s real life it’s purely coincidental because I don’t really know anything about him other than he was on Charles in Charge…which is probably the nastiest thing you can say to an actor). My tongue was so sharp that he got really angry, pinned me down, cut some of hair and tried to staple my neck! All the while, I was screaming and trapped and just KEPT ON RAZZING HIM! Like, “you’re such a lousy actor that you attack girls with a stapler!” I mean, what kind of stupid coping mechanism was that? I was petrified and I thought I could diffuse the situation by making my attacker angrier. Duh!

I don’t remember what the second attack was, just that I woke up thinking, Charles in Charge attacked me TWICE!


2 thoughts on “Charles in Charge Attacked Me – Twice!

  1. Rowan

    Wow, sounds like you want Charles in Charge of your days and your nights. I’d even go so far as to suggest you want Charles in Charge of your wrongs and your rights. I bet you were singing, “I want Charles in Charge of me!”

    Such an un-PC way for your subconscious to go about giving you the message though.

  2. David

    The hair-cutting part is the crucial bit. The symbolism clearly shows the future of Where is Sarah?: long hair flowing like Alpine waterfalls after light summer rain, evocative of 18th-century watercolours by Flemish apprentice draughtsmen on holiday on doctor’s advice in the north of Italy, their countenances mellowed by red wine from sunbaked vineyards nestled at the base of peaks that beckon one skyward. (That’s just my opinion of course.)

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