One Polenta, two polenta, three polenta, four.

It’s late on Friday night and I just had amazing homemade pizza at my old house in Gore Street. I am going to a 5th birthday tomorrow so I should be well rested in order to go crazy like a 5 year old, but I’m caught in a bind. I’ve figured out why people get trapped in late night/late morning sleep cycles. When I got back from Bangkok I slept like crazy and am still having more than my fair share of sleep. This morning I decided to set my alarm for the very early 9am but just switched it off and slept right on through to 10am. Now, knowing that I woke up a bit late, it seems reasonable to add those lost morning hours to the end of the day…and then tomorrow, after going to bed late, I will happily sleep in late again. I don’t really like this cycle so I might have to train myself out of it soon. Until then, I hope you enjoy late-night silly posts.

Anyway, it’s been a while since I posted any new photos so I thought I should, but I don’t have all the great photos I want to post with me, so I’m giving you whatever I can find on my camera, which is one photo of a polenta apple cake I baked a couple of weeks ago.

Oh wait, photos don’t want to upload tonight. So instead of the photo, here’s what I got from youtube when I searched “Apple Polenta.” Enjoy this 5 star-rated clip! (and if you really want a treat, follow the clip back to youtube and read the comments).

Update: Here’s the Apple Polenta Cake

polenta apple cake

3 thoughts on “One Polenta, two polenta, three polenta, four.

  1. David

    Queen Rania’s Twitter says that she will “probably sleep in tomorrow”. If it’s good enough for Queenie……

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