Working from “home”

I’m in my first week of “working from home.” It should have been my second week, but week one was so wildly unsuccessful that for the few moments that I was actually at home I barely turned on my computer.

In addition to struggling with the “working” component of the “working from home” concept, I haven’t really figured out the “home” component either, as I don’t actually have one. I have a nice spare room in Beck’s house where I sleep and keep my clothes, and I perch my laptop on the kitchen bench and call it an office. Once I have more permanent digs I’ll set myself up with a desk and maybe even an ergonomic chair.

For someone who has never worked from home, and didn’t necessarily covet it as my dream work situation (I quite like having an office and people to have lunch with), I know an awful lot about the challenges one may face. See, the organisational/lifehack blogging community, of which I am a dedicated follower, tends also to be a work-from-home/freelance/entrepreneuring community too.

So when I woke up yesterday and decided to delay getting dressed (until…ummm…5pm), I considered the debate about getting dressed before starting work to clearly dileaniate the beginning of a work day. When I kept working until 9pm the other night because I’d faffed around during the day, that rang a bell too.

But in amongst all of these grey areas, I know one thing for sure about working from home – It’s AWESOME! I mean, I already mentioned the perk about not having to get dressed, but did you know that if I do choose to get dressed, I can wear tracksuit pants and sneakers! And when it’s time for lunch I have the whole fridge to choose from and….helloooo daytime TV!

I’ll probably be ready to get back into a more, ummm, dynamic work environment eventually, but for now I couldn’t imagine a better way to get paid.

2 thoughts on “Working from “home”

  1. Rowan

    I read an article recently that suggested women writers prefer to write in their pyjamas, and often in bed. Men writers often wear suits.

    Is there some way we could turn this fact into a pro-women slogan and get it printed on a pen? Any ideas for catchy one-liners?

  2. David

    Have you considered getting paid to grow your hair long? It’s low-intensity work that you can do while engaged in other activities.

    As for Rowan’s pen idea, how about: “Pyjamaed Girls Get More Done”?

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