My friends’ blogs that don’t exist

Some of my friends who read and comment on this blog have their own blogs. Like Meags.

But some of my friends don’t have blogs when they probably should.

For example:

Josh. He has a lot to say and, if you read the comments to my blog, you would know that his comments are usually better written, more thoughtful and much funnier than my original posts. Josh uses facebook notes to good effect, but I think his audience could be much wider.

David. The need for David to start his own blog has been discussed in the comments, but I think David is scared to unlock his shining blog potential. I think I’m reading a self help book about that right now! I think you need to find your North Star, realise your own soul limitations, stop using negative self-talk and wiggle your right toe.

Rowan. Ro will contribute to my next mega blogging project, but she should also be channeling her energy into a dog blog and, unlike the rest of us with our silly rambling blogs, she might even get an audience!

Beck. I’m pretty sure the material for a blog is already being written or at least concocted in Beck’s brain. This blog would probably cover everything from organisational management to work-life balance and, like Rowan’s dog blog, would probably also get an audience.

Readers who are exempt from this blog push:

Lara. One of the few people I know who is any good at keeping a regular journal. Unlike some people I know (ahem…Sarah) I don’t think Lara would be motivated by a desire to share every dull thought she’s ever had with the world (but you can prove me wrong if you like Lara).

Ben. Already has a blog. Doesn’t bloody post on it.

4 thoughts on “My friends’ blogs that don’t exist

  1. Lara

    So much of the interesting stuff I have to say is regarding my patients which is obviously (unfortunately) confidential. Thankfully one is allowed to debrief with friends and family if not disclosing names/places etc. so that just means more communication in the ‘real’ world for us fortch. My strange cat/house hunting problems/weekend adventures are all potential topics I could rabbit on about – but seriously, who would read it?!

  2. Beck

    Lara – I would read it….. I’d like to hear about the strange cat and house hunting problems….. for the record – and THEN when I finally see (which I think we average once or twice a year depending on Sarah) – I can be all knowledgeable and say thing like “so that was bizarre about the cat…”

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