Operation AYAD: Debrief

I just spent the weekend at a hotel in Carlton with about 90 other returned AYADs at an official “Debrief” weekend. We did all the stuff you’d expect to do at a debrief, like reflect on our experiences and how they compared to our expectations, discussed how the program could improve, etc. etc. All that stuff was fine, but the funnest part was hearing about other people’s jobs and deciding it would be fun to go off somewhere again, somewhere reeeeaally remote, and doing a job that would be reeaaally strange.

But then I remember, I live in Australia now and do fun Australian things – like see The Flaming Lips and walk on footpaths! It seems like a pretty good trade off at the moment because I really love footpaths, but you just never know what funny old job might come up next, and I suppose it makes for a better blog too!

10 thoughts on “Operation AYAD: Debrief

  1. Meaghan

    Do I get the feeling you’re easing us into the very real possibility of you moving again? That’s all good. I hate surprises. xox

  2. Josh

    well Carlton means closeness to a certain crazy person… who’d love to see you… and there are footpaths that can make that happen

  3. David Bowie

    My starship left on a trip to another galaxy yesterday, but you can still get to the departure gate on time using my time machine. The trip will take 400 million of your “Earth” years, but there will be a variety of in-flight entertainiment to make the journey seem like mere centuries.

    Once we reach the galaxy of Mograwigagordan, our tasks will be to make peaceful contacts with the locals and to find out whether they have invented rock and roll yet. I have heard rumours that a band exists in the galaxy that is identicle to The Flaming Lips, except that its name is The Flaming Badgers.

  4. David Bowie

    I apologise for my strange spelling of “identical” and “entertainment” – the space-time continuum suffered a major warp when the message was being sent.

  5. David

    There will be readings from some of the great works of Vogon poetry on top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge at midnight if anybody’s interested.

  6. David

    Meags, I’ve found that I can never think of things to write for a blog, but the opposite happens when I do comments for other people’s blogs. I think of myself as a friendly internet leech – I suck most of the time, but always in a nice way.

  7. Sarah Fortuna Post author

    David, as demonstrated by your effortless use of “Meags” in a sentence, you’re one step closer to being officially accepted into our exclusive gang. The final step is to get your own blog. We both have one so…

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