Penguins, frogs, bunnies and Flaming Lips.


Yesterday I saw the Flaming Lips play live AND REAL, LIVE PENGUINS and I forgot my camera both times…

The penguins were really,REALLY great (at the Melbourne Aquarium), but actually I think I enjoyed the Flaming Lips even more. There were giant balloons with confetti inside that burst all over us, and there were frogs and bunnies…and the Flaming Lips were there too! I don’t think I can launch into a gig review right now, but while I was there I thought of all the things I wanted to say about the show (which makes me think I blog too much). So I will wait for a burst of creative inspiration to share with you the joy that was the Flaming Lips at Festival Hall last night.


2 thoughts on “Penguins, frogs, bunnies and Flaming Lips.

  1. David

    Penguins in Australia? A likely story. Next you’ll be telling us that you have things like electricity and telephones down there.

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