Doing nothing

I’ve been back in Australia for two weeks and even though I’ve visited a few different places and taken a few photos (to be posted soon) the truth is I’ve done nothing. 

Yesterday I woke up around 11am, had breakfast and a shower before 1pm, when I pottered around the backyard waiting for a delivery of firewood. Around 2.30pm went back inside, had some lunch, stared at the fire for a while, might have read a few pages of a book, listened to the radio a bit, lit the fire in the lounge room, stared at it for a while, went back to check on the dining room fire and by then it was dark. MJ had gone to work and was out for the evening, so I was left to entertain myself. So I listened to the radio a bit more, did some yoga, made some dinner, read a couple more pages of a book, then took a nap in front of the TV. I was back in bed sometime around midnight. 

I don’t know if that was the exact composition of my day – I wasn’t really paying attention – but it wasn’t far off. And most days for the last week have been like that, except that usually MJ is here and we might have a few conversations or do a bit of gardening. Today we cleaned the house…I vacuumed. 

I’ve been sleeping between 8 and 12 hours a night for two weeks. I think 10 hours is my optimal amount. My three month old stiff neck is a distant memory – although it faintly resurfaced when I used a computer for a couple of hours the other day. 

I’m pretty sure I’d be singing the praises of doing nothing if I felt compelled to think about it much. See, doing nothing means you don’t really have to think all that often either. MJ and I had to think a fair bit this morning when we pieced together last night’s episode of Trial and Retribution. But that’s about it.


3 thoughts on “Doing nothing

  1. David

    I’d be really interested to discuss vacuuming techniques. I usually start off with a steady rhythm, working my way around a room slowly, before moving into a vacuuming frenzy towards the end as I mercilessly suck the dirt up like a madman. They just don’t stand a chance when I’m on the case.

    Of course, being male, I only have time for vacuuming about once a year. The rest of the year is full up with more important things like preparing to watch the Tour de France, watching the Tour de France, then imagining myself winning the Tour and being flocked by dozens of beautiful French girls in awe of a LimeyPom who isn’t useless in the mountains.

  2. Josh

    This is my all time favourite Where is Sarah? entry. Reminds me a bit of a book I’m reading, Tehanu by Ursula Le Guin. It’s the fourth in the Earthsea series, written quite a while after the original three. Both what you’ve written and what I’ve read so far of that are about a soft discovery of a home that one has been away from for some time and doing simple necessary things, including rest. It’s good. And the writing, yours especially is transparent as if the energy for life is not needing to be drawn from elsewhere. But emanates of its own accord restfully from within, more like a sort of breathing relationship with things and the world. The sort of breathing when one’s asleep peacefully, or quietly receptive.

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