Sarah’s Bangkok Reading Challenge: The Results

I totally forgot to report on Sarah’s Bangkok Reading Challenge! 

Here’s what I read: 

1. Good Wives

2. All I Ever Wanted Was Everything

3. Dreams of My Father

4. The Subtle Knife

Four books in around two months. Seriously shabby effort, especially considering that I was in Bangkok Reading Challenge mode. I don’t think I embodied the spirit of the Challenge as wholly as I should have.

I’ll admit that I was plagued by the problem that motivated the reading challenge – reading the first 20 pages of a book and then moving on to something else. I might work on strengthening my reading stamina while I’m on holidays, or maybe I’ll just keep reading the paper for another week…

6 thoughts on “Sarah’s Bangkok Reading Challenge: The Results

  1. David

    I think there is a mathematical equation that can state that I read less and less the older I get. The implication is that there will come a point when I forget how to understand language altogether and will revert to a state of pre-linguistic innocence. My life would automatically become meaningless, since I would no longer be able to hear about the adventures of a girl famous across Asia for her frontline reports on protests and water-fights.

  2. Ben

    Personally I think I will save the reading for retirement.

    Otherwise I might accidentally read everything and have nothing left to read in my twilight years.. 😉

  3. David

    Retirement used to seem a long way away, but I’ll be 27 in a few weeks, so old age is just around the corner cosmologically speaking. I could become one of those strange library folk when I hit 65, the kind of oldie who wanders aimlessly around libraries without ever reading anything, forever searching for a book that doesn’t exist.

  4. David Bowie

    One day I’ll write a book about a girl who travels the stars searching for the truth about life, existence, humanity, and cake. What is the best cake recipe in the universe? Can men and women ever truly get along? The answers may be difficult to find, but the book’s heroine never gives up her quest.

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