No really…where is Sarah?

I got back to Australia safely and headed off on holiday. I’ve been in Port Fairy for the last week (with no internet OR mobile phone) and now MJ and I are going to South Australia – probably staying in Robe, but we don’t have a really have a plan yet.

I’ll report back soon, but for now I’m going to continue enjoying my technology-free life!


3 thoughts on “No really…where is Sarah?

  1. David

    The date with destiny at Lord’s is here. Australia needing less than 200 runs for victory, England 4 wickets. The burden of history weighs heavy on us all. Exciting, isn’t it?

  2. Sarah Fortuna Post author

    Congratulations David. The glory is all yours…and so is the indignity of that rather silly bowler with the blonde hair…what a dope.

  3. David

    Most of the cricket players these days seem to have blonde hair, which leads me to suspect that many are using illegal performance-enhancing peroxides. A great scandal could be brewing.

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