The Tuesday Turn Around

Don’t worry everyone…I’m BACK IN BUSINESS!

Where was Sarah? I was stuck in bed for two days with some stupid illness! But I told that stupid illness to take a hike (it just took me a couple of days to convey the message clearly), and I’m back in the office and ready to rumble.

And guess what else? My stats have gone and sailed past the magic 10,000! Thank you to all those who helped me reach my goal. Oh gosh, I was just so happy to have been nominated…

But now I am going to bring a new meaning to ‘knuckle down’ and work like focused person for the next three days before I board the Good Ship Melbourne-Bound on Thursday night.

1 thought on “The Tuesday Turn Around

  1. Josh

    ‘The Good Ship Melbourne-Bound’, that’s nice, nicer than Nick Cave anyway! It’s positively fairy-tale good.

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