I like my name in books

An unexpected perk of my job is that sometimes I get credited as the editor of a book! It seems so….professional!

DV publication_smudge

I purposfully made the words too small to read...

1 thought on “I like my name in books

  1. David

    In a small Bangkok coffee shop I saw a small girl drinking a small cup of coffee in a small chair at a small table upon which lay a small pen and a small piece of paper covered in small writing. I leaned closer to try to read the words, but they were still too small to decipher. The short-haired girl frowned at me for a short space of time, before saying: “If you don’t stop spying on my writing I will shortly vacate the premises quite sharpish meladdy. My patience are exhausted.” I left the coffee shop via the small door and mingled amongst the small people crowding through the small street outside. I never saw the small girl again, nor did I ever find out what the words said.

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