Where is Sarah when Sarah is at home?

Where is Sarah? began when I left Australia for Indonesia in September 2007 (I wrote my first post instead of packing my bags).

While I’m obviously quite fond on non-travel related tangents, for the most part the idea of the blog is to report home about my travels (and sometimes to report on Australia to everyone else).

But shortly I’ll be back in Australia in a more permanent sense for the first time since I began the blog, which kind of muddles the basic motivation behind it. So do I continue Where is Sarah? or let it die a natural death?

Well, don’t give it too much thought because I’ve made an executive decision. For the time being I’m going to continue writing on Where is Sarah? as though nothing has changed. I’ll be travelling and doing fun stuff for the first couple of months after getting home, so I’ll still have stories to share, and I’ll still have plenty of “the thing I don’t understand about this culture is…” moments, because Australians are essentially pretty weird.

I will be working on about 70 new side-projects, including 15,000 new blogs, so if Where is Sarah? loses steam I might redirect my Where is Sarah? energy into one of my other projects. So if I start blogging frequently about what was on TV last night just tap me on the shoulder and I’ll take the hint.

There are ten days left before Where is Sarah? goes domestic, and I’m hoping you’ll help me reach 10,000 hits before then (take a look in the bottom right hand corner of the blog to see the current stats).

Thanks for reading!


5 thoughts on “Where is Sarah when Sarah is at home?

  1. Lara

    I felt a little bit sick in the stomach reading that you might end the blog – I thought about how I would really miss the little updates. But then my heart leaped because I remembered that you would be in town again – I’ll get the little updates via a latte and I’m pretty keen to take little adventures so that you’ve got something to write about. What about a trip to Darwin to visit Mans?

  2. David

    Now, about what was on TV. I just saw “The Chaser’s War on Everything” on BBC4, a very funny Australian program that I’d never seen before. Nice one Aussie!

    (Of course, it is an Ashes month starting from Wednesday, so I must adopt a war footing in regards to Aussies, but I’ll still comment and keep the hit-count rising.)

  3. Beck

    you really MUST keep the blog going because it is currently my major source of internet entertainment…. being a Gen X – I don’t have time (or the understanding of the desire) to search the internet for interesting stuff…. so you are my short cut so to speak….. AND of course I just like hearing about everything else…. not that I am biased or anything being your sister…. GOOD EXECUTIVE DECISION!!!!

  4. Sarah Fortuna Post author

    Yes, let’s go to Darwin! (consider a blog comment as binding as a legal contract…I’m in!)

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