Graduate of Web Courses Bangkok!

I just graduated from my beginner’s web design course! I learnt so much and really enjoyed the process. It was one of those “things are getting stuck in my brain faster than I knew was possible” moments. Now I know HTML and CSS, and I can design sites in photoshop and use Dreamweaver to turn them into a reality. The next step is to build something new from scratch to test my knowledge and iron out the grey areas. (confession: working on  your own project alongside the formal teaching time is part of the course, but I changed my mind so many times about what my ‘project’ would be that I now have three or four possible projects to follow through, all of which still require a lot of work.)

Our guru, Carl was AMAZING. Find him and his range of services at Web Courses Bangkok. You won’t be disappointed. Carl was committed to giving us a solid foundation to build from and wasn’t interested in cutting corners. And what’s more he’s a fun guy to hang out with! The classes are small so Carl has enough time to give students individual attention – each ‘class’ feels more like a group conversation than a class and everyone contributes. This course totally outstripped my expectations for a short web design course. Thanks Carl.

2 thoughts on “Graduate of Web Courses Bangkok!

  1. Carl - Web Courses Bangkok

    Sarah, what can I say apart from a massive THANK YOU 🙂

    What a lovely prose your wrote and I am very happy to have been there to help you develop your web skills.

    I am sure your going to make some fantastic web sites in the future and please keep in touch and let me know if you have any questions. Happy to help.

    Take care!


  2. Josh

    well.. if you want to design a website for our band … we’ve still got to use… nothing there yet

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