Happy Thurs-post-grump-celebration-day

The two-day grump has lifted!

A task I was bothered by yesterday now seems like a great opportunity! I’m going on a facebook friend-adding frenzy to add all my excellent Bangkok-based friends before I depart and can no longer rely on bumping into people in the hallway to keep in touch. I’m getting way too excited about finding stats on women in the informal job sector in Indonesia. Hooray for Thursday, 25 June 2009!

Greg sent me a list of 1000 books you must read. I find use of the word ‘must’ a bit problematic because I don’t really think anything serious is going to happen if you don’t read all 1000. I scanned over the list and that took a while, so I’m not really sure I’m going to embark on reading all of the actual books. Greg suggested looking at the covers while reading the titles to get a more complete picture.

Stay tuned for Pink Nails Episode 2. The manicure girl and I got a bit silly on the weekend, and it makes Pink Nails Episode 1 seem like an accountant walking down the brown carpeted corridor of a bank. (Ugh, that’s so boring I’m shuddering!)

2 thoughts on “Happy Thurs-post-grump-celebration-day

  1. David

    The Pink Nails episodes are a rave hit in Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, the Mindanao region of the Philippines and various outlying islands of Indonesia.

    I find it slightly odd that they separated the novels list into genres. Surely an “essential” novel will transcend genre and stand on its own. The list was also filled out nicely by having many entries from the same authors – six Graham Greenes, five Agatha Christies, five Murial Sparks, six PG Wodehouses. six Jane Austens. “Definitive” indeed.

    Oh dear, I am getting a bit grumpy about some silly Grauniad list. I’m probably just feeling annoyed at not being able to understand a word of Gravity’s Rainbow or Finnegans [sic] Wake.

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