Shielding Joyous Anne Frank

Just moments after admitting that people say I look like Anne Frank I read this post in my favourite blog, The Happiness Project.

Gretchen writes in Do You Shield Your Joyous Ones?,

Despite some difficulties, Anne (Frank) mostly comes across as a cheery, energetic person with a ready sense of humor, and it seems that the others drew on that cheerful energy, even while they often criticized and nagged her. I was reminded of a resolution I’ve written about before, the resolution to “Shield my joyous ones.”

The post goes on to talk about emotional contagion and the rather illogical but common tendency to bring a cheerful person “back to reality”,

We non-joyous types suck energy and cheer from the joyous ones. We rely on them to buoy us with their good spirit and to cushion our agitation and anxiety.

At the same time, because of a dark element in human nature, we’re sometimes provoked to try to shake the joyous ones out of their fog of illusion. Instead of shielding their joy, we blast it. For example, it’s easy to make fun of joyous ones’ enthusiasms. Why is this? I have no idea. But that impulse is there.

So bring on comparisons to Anne Frank! (which are unfortunately not related to temperament but to my haircut and dark circles under my eyes)

And if you’re not reading The Happiness Project regularly, just stop being silly and start reading.


One thought on “Shielding Joyous Anne Frank

  1. Rowan

    I think you could delve deeper into the possible implications of this resemblance. I don’t mean awful morbid ones. I just mean, like, you’re probably her reincarnation or something. And you have a cute smile! Come home Sarah, I’m going barmy!

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