Chloe helps the fight against Indian lawyers

Chloe shows us what she's made of

Chloe shows us what she's made of

I have a deadline for an editing task this afternoon and I’m chanelling the spirit of Chloe to help me stay strong.

What do you get when Indian lawyers write a paper about domestic violence laws? Impenetrable long winded sentences filled with long and fancy words! Why do Indians have a better English vocabulary than anyone else?

I’ve been finding synonyms for “vest” (not a shirt, like Shift F7 kindly suggested), “militate” and “ambit” to name a few. This document will be read by regular people, most of whom don’t speak English as their first language. So how about instead of “efficacious disposal of matters” we just say “move the case forward”.

Anyway, that’s a long way of explaining why I haven’t started reporting on Melbourne adventures.

6 thoughts on “Chloe helps the fight against Indian lawyers

  1. David

    O bountiful solar sojourn! Truly the concatenation of linguistic fortitude with hypoborean ideation is most splendidiously maladroit, leading to much dome-scratching and many lunar cycles spent in the depths of an inescapably ineluctable verbal Hades that even the Professor of Rather Hard Words at Camford University would have difficulty reconstituting into simple direct uncomplicated unpretentious Anglo-Saxonic plainspeak.

  2. David

    Alas, I must apologise for the unforgivable error in the previous comment, for it is most true that “hypoborean” should of course undoubtedly without question as a matter of fact read hyperborean. I will now commit linguistic harikari.

  3. Sarah Fortuna Post author

    I was impressed (and bamboozled) by David’s comment. Come on David, it’s time to confess – are you, in fact, an Indian lawyer? And if not, how else would you like to explain your vast vocabulary?

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