Melbourne and blogging hiatuses for the soul

Carlton Gardens in perfect Autumn conditions

Carlton Gardens in perfect Autumn conditions

I’m back in Bangkok and back to blogging after THE MOST relaxing week in Melbourne. I have so many things to post and renewed energy after averaging 10 hours sleep per night for seven days IN A ROW! So expect a Where Is Sarah? blogging explosion!

I even wrote a post on the plane back to Bangkok (composed on the latest addition to the Where is Sarah? team which will be formally introduced later), but I left it at home.

I am a big fan of Bangkok weather, and I feel like I say this every time the weather changes, but seriously, the weather here at the moment is GLORIOUS! If you really really hate humidity then stay away, but for those who don’t mind it, come and enjoy the heavy atmosphere and slightly cool “it just rained but there’s still plenty more where that came from” breeze –  which is a scientific meteorological category in case you didn’t know.

But for now I am editing a document that is headed for the printer in the way too near future, so I will stop myself from going on and on and blog again later.

3 thoughts on “Melbourne and blogging hiatuses for the soul

  1. David

    There’s a new ballad doing the rounds in the karaoke bars. It goes like this:

    Oh it just hasn’t been the same….without her…
    Who? That strange tiny girl…named Sarah.
    She blogged so well about life…in the city…
    My heart broke when she went….on holiday.
    La la la la
    Where where where
    Is Is

  2. Meaghan

    Ahhhhhh, she returns. Bring on an extensive series of blog posts about your trip. I’m expecting photos of my kids to appear, lets not pretend I’m not.

  3. Alan

    Hey Sarah,

    Great to see you again! Twice in fact. Apologies bout the crapola-fest that was the movie that shall not be named. By the way, you left the scarf thing at my place…

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