Holidays! And Indian Food!

Holidays start later today! I’m at work with my very heavy suitcase and I’m charging up the pod readying myself for departure. SO excited about this trip! I woke up at 5.30am I was so excited!

Last night, instead of working until a-million-o’clock or devoting unnecessary amounts of time to packing, the lovely Khun Rae invited me and some colleagues over for REAL INDIAN FOOD! This invitation came about because intern Sara and I eat Indian food at the canteen most days. One day at lunch we were speculating about where to get the best Indian food in Bangkok so we asked Khun Rae, who is about 15 generations Thai-Indian. Her answer: “My house!” So we set a date for dinner.

Khun Rae lives far away from the office. The other day it took her FOUR HOURS to get to work! But last night, with Nut’s car and the traffic on our side we were there in 45 mins! Bangkok, you make no sense sometimes.

Khun Rae knew what we were all about, so there was food on the table almost as soon as we arrived.

Sara, Khun Rae, Ajit, Jay, Nut

Close up please…



Augggghhhhhhhhhhhhh, the appetizers were so damn tasty. I forget what the first dish was called but I think it’s my favourite food in the world. Seriously! The second dish, Samosas. Home made. You’re jealous.


And this is what my plate looked like a short time later! Hellooooo deliciousness. Yes, I ate too much, and yes my table manners could have been better – but the other guests were similarly afflicted with food lust so it was OK. Best moment of the night: Nut sees a delicious dish and starts loading up his plate: “Ohhhhhhhh I LOVE this!! I LOVE Indian food!”. Khun Rae: “Nut, it’s a Thai curry”.

Khun Rae's sun

The star of the evening was Khun Rae’s son, Ankit. This photo makes him look like a sweet and charming little boy. That’s part of his sneaky  game plan. We know the truth…

torturing nut

Nut being tortured by Ankit. He only beat up on boys. He respectfully screamed at the girls. Cutest moment was when Khun Rae said something to Ankit in Hindi and he went from running around manic circles to dead quiet. “What did you say Rae?” “I told him that if he doesn’t behave I won’t invite people from the office ever again” Awww, he loved us!


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