Where is Sarah? has developed a strange relationship with David Bowie (and our imaginary David Bowie often talks back), so when I saw this trailer for a film directed by his son, Duncan Jones (thanks again to VSL), I had to take a look. The Bowie connection became completely irrelevant as soon as I watched this clip. Looks AMAZING.

2 thoughts on “Moon

  1. David Bowie

    Throughout my travels across the cosmos, I must have been to every planet and moon in the universe at least ten times. I have telepathically communicated with every living being that has ever existed. Yet there is one being in one particular place in spacetime that I keep going back to. She calls herself “Sarah,” and lives on a small blue planet that the dominant species calls “The Earth.” Sarah may be small, but her huge personality really keeps a guy interested, even with all the countless trillions of other intelligent beings in the universe to talk with. Sarah’s fetish for pink nails is pretty rock’n’roll too.

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