TCDC – New favourite place in Bangkok

I’ve spent my Sunday in the cosy and lovely Thailand Centre for Design and Creativity (TCDC). Sam was the clever cookie who discovered this place and let me join his study session – which I’ve successfully chattered through most of.

Sam working hard - lovely gothic impression of Bangkok through the window behind

Sam working hard - gothic impression of Bangkok through the window behind (which you can't quite see in this tiny photo)

TCDC has resource centre with a design library and screening rooms. A yearly membership gives you access to  entire collection.

TCDC Library

TCDC Library

But for me and Sam the cafe called Kiosk provided a nifty membership-free study space with food and free internet! – I can post to Where Is Sarah? to my heart’s content all weekend! Like I’m doing right now!

Kiosk at TCDC

Kiosk at TCDC

Did I mention the movies?

Kiosk movie screen

Kiosk movie screen

Movies are screened all day long in the Kiosk (with the sound turned down so you can ignore it if you like). Ratatouille is playing in this photo. Note that feet on seats and beanbags are all acceptable at TCDC.

If I wasn’t planning on being in Australia for the next two weekends (!!) I would definitely be back here next Sunday. I’ll be TCDC-ing as much as possible before Bangkok days are over.

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