Passive Aggressive Notes From Melbourne

Take a look at today’s Passive Aggressive Notes. I think I used to live in this house.

Do you recognise this house

Do you recognise this house?

For double the fun, read the first 20-ish comments on the post.

6 thoughts on “Passive Aggressive Notes From Melbourne

  1. Josh

    which makes all bike-owners thieves. Which is well-known, if rarely stated. And it’s not just bikes they steal, they steal time itself. Time and bikes all belong to me.

  2. Rowan

    I used to live in that house too! Oh my God, hang on, were you the quiet goth girl upstairs?

  3. Sarah Fortuna Post author

    Hey, you take that back! Someone might not realise you’re joking. What if people think I was a goth in a former life? Ewwwww (no offense to our subculture friends – I just personally find you icky).

  4. Josh

    Goth in denial is a goth no less! Thanks Rowan for the spectacular (or should that be spectacdracular Ah ah ah) news! Sarah, I just didn’t pick it! A goth!

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