So…how did I go?

Yesterday I set myself some goals for the rest of the day. Let’s see how I went.

Here’s the original list of things I planned to do before the end of the day.

  • Sushi
  • Haircut
  • Manicure
  • Run

According the comments, my readers were doubtful about the run (you know who you are, haters), and maybe a little concerned for my state of mind. Let’s see if they have me pegged.

  • Manicure. CHECK! A very cute pink colour that matched perfectly the shoes I bought the other day!
  • Hair-cut, colour – CHECK! TWICE! Here’s where the rest of my plans were derailed. The boring back story is that I have pretty short hair at the moment and I’m dying to be able to put it in a pony tail because it’s sooooo hot in Bangkok, so I didn’t really want to cut my hair. But I needed to do something because I’ve been turning up to work looking like a hobo for the last week. So as a stopgap measure I decided to colour my hair because it would make it calm down a bit and I could get through another few weeks without cutting it. Ok boring backstory over. SO, last night I decided that instead of spending a minimim of 1000 baht in a salon I would buy a packet of hair colour for 200 baht. Perusing the boxes, I chose the one with girl with roughly similar hair colour to me (I didn’t want to change my hair colour very much).This is where it got complicated and I can’t figure out how to explan it, so I will just point out that the Thai girl on the outside of the box looked different to the Malaysian girl on the inside of the box (who had lighter-brown hair) which I know doesn’t make sense at all, but what it does mean is that when I put the colour in my hair I went BLONDE! UGH, it was sooooo bad. I looked paler and sicker than I usually do! So I covered up my hair, ran to the supermarket and picked up a box of the darkest brown hair colour I could find. By about 9pm, I had brown hair again, albeit kind of reddish. But not blonde, which I cherish with every fibre of my being. Did I mention how ugly it was?  Ugh.
  • Sushi. scrambled eggs.  So, the original plan was to colour my hair and then head off to Fugi at Villa for Sushi. But after the double dying debacle I ended up having a late-ish snack of scrammbled eggs.
  • Run. Now that I’ve seen the comments from my naysayers, I really wish I’d gone for a run. But after scrambled eggs I decided not to go out for a run because it seemed stupid to get all hot and sweaty and take yet another shower (after all the hair rinsing that I’d been doing for the last two hours). So I did a little bit of yoga instead.

And the best part of this story….I had a great night’s sleep! I no longer wish to melt into the couch.

4 thoughts on “So…how did I go?

  1. Sarah Fortuna Post author

    Couldn’t take a photo…I tried but it was sooooooo ugly I couldn’t do it.

  2. David

    You mean the camera broke at the site of the hair? I hate it when that happens.

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