Stop the Press! Funny Search Terms to Find Sarah

So, you know that I see all the search terms people type into Google that lead them to this blog right? So when you search “Sarah Fortuna totally cute girl I’m stalking”, I see that. I have no idea who you are, but I see it. I also see that the common search terms that bring people here are:

I look at this list and think, gee I was sick a fair bit in Aceh. I also think, wow, the internet really brings us all closer together, freakos, nutjobs, weirdos and the rest of us – one big happy family. I ALSO think people must be pretty disappointed not to find a health journal or porn when they click on Where Is Sarah?

I read these search terms often and they always make me laugh. The ones above are the commonly reoccurring ones, but there are many more that pop up once and disappear forever…like a magical little spec of fairy dust. Today I have been blessed by the fairy dust fairies with my favourite search term yet.

what religion can’t eat meat on christmas?

So I ask you, reader, what religion cannot eat meat on the Christian holiday celebrating the birth of Christ? Maybe this is the ULTIMATE brain teaser or something…


3 thoughts on “Stop the Press! Funny Search Terms to Find Sarah

  1. David

    I might as well say how I found this weird and scary place. A few months ago I was experimenting with phrases in Google Blog Search, and one of them was “token white person,” and lo and behold the great Google in the sky did point me in the direction of this post, and I saw that it was good.

    This was near the start of my project to find loads of blogs by Western-type-folk who had moved to Asia. I don’t know why I started it, but it continues to this day.

    I also might as well admit that I am a member of the race of Pommy people. I’ve been trying to avoid revealing it, what with the whole cricket thing and all, but maybe you’re not a cricket person, though you can make fun of me in a nice way if Australia win the Ashes again.

    As for the searches by other people, let’s see what happens if I search for some Songkrany bar girls on Google image search……

  2. Sarah Fortuna Post author

    Oh man, David that was such a silly post you found! I’m glad you saw past it and kept reading [all the other silly posts].

    I’m not fussed either way about cricket, but your fellow countrymen do seem to be pretty awful at it…

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