Office Opression

Wow! The strangest thing just happened to me.

I’ve got a report to write. It’s the final report for our big project. But now that it’s time to knuckle down and write I’m getting everything else done but the report. That website I’ve been chipping away on for too long? Done! That review of someone else’s report? Done! Organising my files? DONE!

It’s been great for ‘to do’ list, but not excellent for the report.

I could tell I was turning my office into a zone of procrastinator hell where the vibe is a constant reminder of what you’re NOT doing — which is pretty much the most effective way to make sure you keep NOT doing it — but I didn’t know how to make it stop!

I’ve been looking out the window for a couple of days. Not just gazing, but specifically looking at the courtyard in my building and thinking that I needed to go there. But I pushed on and kept staring at the screen, staying the course, willing, begging words to be typed. This afternoon I decided to go down for just as long as my laptop battery would last. Maybe 30 mins? (It’s a crappy battery)

You won’t believe it…

Within a minute of sitting down words came spilling out of my brain! One of those words was obfuscation! No kidding!

What’s even weirder is that it’s 40 degrees outside! I can work better in 40 degree heat than my stupid bad vibe office! And my apartment is just as bad. I don’t think it’s my office or my apartment specifically, I think it’s indoors!

Can I realistically cultivate a working life that allows me to spend it outdoors? I can’t even begin to figure out the problems I’ll face with power cables.

And what about the weather? I seem to have developed a super human resistance to heat (I was wearing jeans and a scarf in the courtyard) but at the expense of my resistance to cold. When I was in Melbourne last September it was pretty cool for Spring, but I actually cried one day as I walked down the street. The cold was so hurty! It stings! Does that mean I will need to live in hot climates forever just because I want to work outdoors? I find that unacceptably limiting.

For now I will just find a nice outdoor place to work over the weekend and see if I can figure out the trajectory of my life later.


One thought on “Office Opression

  1. Beck

    Totally on board with the working outdoors Sar…. I have been trying for years!! When I suggested at the Moorings that we actually move the computers onto the boats…. they just didn’t get it?!?! HOW COULD THEY NOT GET IT????

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