Birthday Songkran

OK, it’s time I shared a secret with you…

Last week….

It was my BIRTHDAY!

Was that the biggest surprise ever?! I mean, anyone reading this blog would have been thinking “well, it’s business as usual over at Where is Sarah?” But the TRUTH is that I am just so mature now that I don’t even mention my birthday numerous times in every blog post for the month of April. I’m way cooler than that.

Soooo, it was birthday on Wednesday the 15th of April. I felt great about this birthday because Wednesday seems to be my special “Birthday Day”. Do you have one of those? The day of the week that your birthday seems to fall on most frequently? Lara’s is Sunday. I TOTALLY agree with that. It seems like her birthday is always on Sunday. We tried to do the maths on this but if you give it a try you’ll probably discover, as we did, that it gets boring fast. This “Birthday Day” could actually be one of those false associations you have in your head, like Monday=Red. Three=Blue. We’ve all got those associations, don’t lie. Anyway, my most birthday-y day is Wednesday.

Wednesday was also the day I had to go back to work after a few days off and the day everyone was going back to work after protester/state of emergency madness…but guess what? I wasn’t feeling fabbo in the morning so I decided to work from home. And work I did! Promise!

But don’t worry, I didn’t just work on my birthday. Lara was still in town until midday so we had a quick lunch before she headed to the airport, and after work I went out to meet my former Aceh-housemate Mike, who was coincidentally passing through Bangkok on the way to Laos!

Because it was my birthday I decided to take a motorbike across town. I don’t use the motorbike to go across town very often because they are actually more expensive than taxis for longer trips, and the statistical probability of death or serious injury goes off the charts the minute you hop on the back. But I LOOOOOOVE riding the motorbikes, it’s kind of like lollies, you know you can’t do it too often because it’s bad for you. But on my birthday I can eat all the lollies I like!

Mike was staying in Samsen Rd, nearby the backpacker mecca, Khao San Rd. Khao San Rd is also the heart of Songkran festivities…which I failed to take into account when I decided to take the motorbike. I got well Songkraned. This is me arriving at Mike’s guest house:



Mike gloated that he was clever enough to have taken a taxi from the city earlier. Thinks he’s so smart. We headed out to get some dinner but wait…what was that Mike?

Mike gets Songkraned

Mike gets Songkraned

Suck it smart boy!

So just a quick bit of background: At Songkran the streets turn into massive battle grounds and the weapons are water pistols, buckets of ice water, hoses…and chalk paste. Kind souls walk up to you, smear it on your face and wish you “Happy New Year!’ Thanks guys!

The girl on the right side of this photo is being wished a happy new year!

Songkran at Khao San Rd

Songkran at Khao San Rd

Yes, you’re right. It’s the best holiday in the history of the world.

When it was time to go home I battled through the throngs to find another motorbike for the trip home. It was pretty messy. This is me when I got home:

Happy Birthday Songkran Sarah

Happy Birthday Songkran Sarah

8 thoughts on “Birthday Songkran

  1. Lara

    Maybe it wasn’t so bad that I missed Songkran – you are seriously chalked in that picture!

  2. David

    A Thai girl came up to me in the street, smeared the paste over my face, then said: “Hey white face, me love you song time.” At least I think that’s what she said to me. I assumed she wanted to take me to a karaoke bar, so I ran away from her as fast as possible.

  3. Beck

    First I thought there was a revival of the birthday flower and egg scenario…..but this is way more fun

  4. Beck

    sorry – I meant “flour”…. not “flower”…..

    the problem was I was thinking “pink” not “white”…. or alzeihmers is kicking in…. either way…..

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