Staying home: Day 2

Today we woke up to another stay at home day. But we were so hungry and sick of dried biscuits so we ventured out to see what cafes were open.

Emergency brunch at Greyhound

Emergency brunch at Greyhound

It’s a tough life at the battle front.

While we were sitting at Greyhound a few tanks rolled past with armed personnel aiming massive guns out the top. That was a bit of a contrast to our latte lifestyle, but they rolled past without a thought for my suburb and we got back to our brunch.


Now we’re back in the apartment and settling in to Day 2 at home. I believe the red shirts have ended the protest in the last couple of hours so things will probably get back to normal shortly, but in the meantime, it’s still boiling hot outside and while the streets are deserted there is nothing to do but hang out at home. I don’t mean to be flippant with political crises, but if you think a state of emergency sounds pretty nice, you’d be right!


One thought on “Staying home: Day 2

  1. Meaghan

    Good to see you gals aren’t doing it too tough. I had visions of you hunkered down in a darkened apartment with helmets fashioned out of ice-cream buckets on your heads for protections.

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