Michelle Obama is my hero

This is a speech Michelle Obama made at a girl’s school in North London on 2nd April. This is the full 15 minute speech, and I highly recommend watching the whole thing.

If you can’t see the embed, follow this link: http://link.brightcove.com/services/player/bcpid1184614595?bctid=18490775001

Or visit the From Poverty to Power blog where I saw the speech originally: http://www.oxfamblogs.org/fp2p/?p=219


2 thoughts on “Michelle Obama is my hero

  1. Josh

    I didn’t watch it all, but it was very good that she mentioned you and your blog early on, “Where is Sarah?”, “it is not just a blog, it’s a diamond”, I liked that line best!

  2. Josh

    oh and when she thanked David Bowie, that left me speechless! “one of your premier singer-songwriters, the man from Mars, David Bowie. We need diamonds like him in the US, my husband would be very proud, he has Starman on his iPod.”

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