Seeing the Bangkok Sites with Lara -UPDATED new photos

Lara is visiting Bangkok this week and with the good fortune of some well placed public holidays and a less hectic work load than usual we’ve been getting around the city to see the sites.

The first few days of Lara’s visit included a lot of cafe-sitting so I’ll spare you those photos (there are many) and jump into more exciting images (mostly temples – yesterday was a temply kind of day).

We started off with a giant gold Buddha.


Because we’re so fond of tall fellas, we moved onto this guy at Wat Po.


Wat Po was a busy place yesterday as everyone was preparing for Songkran.



Looks like secret monks business going on here.


After Wat Po we wandered over to Wat Arun. This was the view from the ferry on the way across the river.


On the grounds of Wat Arun, there was yet more Songkran preparation. And a very cute sign for the toilets.


Wat Arun behind a tree.


I have no explanation for the next picture.


After visiting Wat Arun we headed back across the river to Amorosa, the bar overlooking Wat Arun.



Which reminds me…

Another view from the top from earlier this week, looking down on the city from Sky Train Bar, Victory Monument.



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