The new frontier – trains.

The Open Track!

The Open Track!

I spied unchartered territory yesterday, and I will never be the same again. Trains travel along them tracks yer hear, and I’m gonna find one. A train!

I’ve conquered Bangkok’s waterways!

I’ve mastered the bus system!*

Taxis – I own them!

Trains, that’s the new frontier – and I’m leading the way.

*In truth, the buses beat me EVERY time. I stand and wait…and wait…and wait, wondering why I’m not in a taxi. The buses win the psych-out war every time. Eventually I give up…It’s my shame to bear.

1 thought on “The new frontier – trains.

  1. Josh

    yes I like this blog – 4 and 1/2 stars. Particular merit for “Taxis – I own them!” (4 and 4/5th stars) And the psychology of waiting… it isn’t clear what can be said, but what you’ve said, you’ve said well. All round, a simple, elegant and understatedly humorous blog, deserving praise.

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