MJ visits Thailand – Borsarng Umbrella Festival

MJ and I have good traveller’s luck. I’m basing this on two key pieces of evidence:

  1. Nothing really terrible has ever gone wrong when we’ve travelled together (unless you count the blizzard in Western Turkey that had us stranded in an old hotel without electricity, heat, water, food and money)
  2. We arrived in Chiang Mai just in time for the famous annual Borsarng Umbrella festival! It only happens one weekend a year, so the timing actually was pretty great.

Read more about the Borsarng Umbrella festival* and TURN GREEN WITH ENVY!

No really, it was a really  nice way to spend one of our precious few days in Chaing Mai.

“What happens at an Umbrella Festival?” I hear you ask. Well, it’s pretty simple actually. You look at umbrellas, take photos in special umbrella displays with stools for perfect photo poses, eat (it is Thailand after all), shop at the market (it is Thailand after all), and watch the parade of umbrella girls on bikes. Oh, you also watch performances of kids doing traditional Thai dances…with umbrellas!

This is what it looked like.



One especially pretty umbrella


Umbrella girls on bikes


Sarah standing by an umbrella-filled wagon

* The website includes a rather interesting history of the umbrella (the name of which comes from the Latin word Umbra or Shade.)

4 thoughts on “MJ visits Thailand – Borsarng Umbrella Festival

  1. Josh

    Umbra, which would also be where we get ‘penumbra’, what else? ‘Umbrage’? Probably. Umbilical? Hmm, could be, the cord that feeds in the shade of the womb?

  2. Josh

    well, it might be brilliant, but judging by the Shorter OED, it doesn’t look like my umbilical etymology is right but umbrage was right and, obviously, penumbra is.

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