MJ’s trip to Thailand – Chiang Mai

During MJ’s stay we decided to take a long weekend in Chiang Mai.
We spent four days wandering, eating, reading and sleeping (I slept A LOT), which seems to be what Chaing Mai is all about. We both loooooved Chiang Mai and were visions of peace and tranquility after a relaxing weekend there. I was especially grateful for the cleaner air in Chiang Mai.
I’ll write separate posts about the highlights of Chiang Mai, but first — some random photos from our wandering.

Emerald Buddha Temple, Chiang Mai


Another temple in Chiang Mai - really should have taken note of which one was which...


Old man and an umbrella - these captions are shameful


Mae Nam Ping River - Chiang Mai


Monks airing their laundry - Wat Ketkaram


Wat Ketkaram - Chiang Mai


Wat Ketkaram - Chiang Mai


MJ at Wat Ketkaram - Chaing Mai

2 thoughts on “MJ’s trip to Thailand – Chiang Mai

  1. Josh

    lovely photo of your mum.

    and the picutre of the mirror, well something in me felt automatically, there’s something about this mirror… hmm.. what can it be.. ah yes you’re in it!

    Bowie, by the way is also in the picture, can you see him? He’s behind the ‘mirror’.

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