MJ visits Thailand

Last month MJ came to visit for a couple of weeks. Even for a fairly chilled out couple of weeks I have about 500 photos to post so I’ll break it up into smaller posts.

First thing on our agenda when MJ arrived was to get acquainted with the coffee suppliers of Ari. I would be going to work during the day so MJ needed to know how to get her coffee fix on her own. Survival skills tested. Fortunately you only have to walk one minute in any direction from my apartment and you will bump into someone selling coffee.

At my favourite Ari cafe, Wawee

At my favourite Ari cafe, Wawee

Wawee Coffee is my favourite place to go because it’s in a garden with trees and birds and a gazeebo! The above photo was MJ at the beginning of the trip.

The photo below was taken two weeks later, just before MJ’s return to Melbourne. It was on this trip to Wawee that we sneakily stole bits of plants for me to grow at home on my balcony. We put them in water and they’ve all sprouted roots! Now I just need to find some dirt!

The gazeebo at Wawee

The gazeebo at Wawee


3 thoughts on “MJ visits Thailand

  1. Lara

    How lovely. Things are desperate to grow in the tropics aren’t they. Here one has to encourage encourage encourage. Can’t wait to see this little place all for myself.

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