Australia Day

Happy Australia Day everyone.

I am at work today, because even though it is Chinese New Year it’s still not a public holiday. I’ve heard rumours that it’s also the Indian national day but even if we combined to create a mega-multi-national/cultural-day we still wouldn’t get a day off. I think I will celebrate this special combined holiday (the Captain Planet of holidays if you will),  and call it Chindiralia New Year Day. On Chindiralia New Year Day you eat curry flavoured sticky rice with tim tams on top.

Yesterday I was invited to celebrate regular Australia Day (it seems so mono-national and dull now…) with some friends who were having a picnic on their lawn.


Megan, Dave, Tracey and Rowan

Look at those patriotic Aussies.

Apart from spending a lovely Sunday afternoon on a fair dinkum grass lawn with a bunch of top Aussie sheilas and blokes, the highlight of the day was the food. I ate cheesymite scrolls, pavlova, fairy bread, Saladas with Vegemite and drank a glass of Rosemount Chardonnay.

Today we brought Australia Day to the office. My Australian colleague Meg brought a koala and a jar of vegemite and I brought some of the delicious Green and Black’s chocolate that Siobhan sent over with MJ. I don’t know where G&B chocolate comes from but I know those particular packets came from Australia so it seems legitimate to claim the chocolate as Australian.

I made a little sign and put it on the snack table with the koala and chocolate. The sign said “Happy Australia Day. Please enjoy this chocolate from Australia to celebrate”. About 30 mins after I left the chocolate one of my colleagues came to me and asked why there is a sign but no chocolate. Obviously demand well outstripped supply.

Fortunately another patriotic Aussie Leah brought Tim Tams to lunch. We had a fair crack at the packet but there were a few left and she said I could take them back to my office and reactivate the sign.

The office snack table

The office snack table

Happy Australia Day!


One thought on “Australia Day

  1. Josh

    Chindirialia New Year Day and your description of what you do “you eat curry flavoured sticky rice with tim tams on top” are wonderful. Probably only an Australian would think of it! Thus here at the end of a long and mostly “I don’t know what to do” day I have found something to celebrate being Australian with! Thankyou!

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