Bangkok Skyline what can you see?

Bangkok skyline at 5.30pm

The sun at 5.30pm today

I had my suspicions that the pollution was worse than usual lately. A week of bright pink and red suns (in the morning and afternoon) seems to be all the confirmation I need.

Update 25 January: I just found another skyline photo on my camera. I probably took it sometime last week. It’s the sun rising taken through a window in my office so it’s a bit grainy and I couldn’t capture the colour properly. The sun was actually bright red like those cheesy decals that you’d found on surfboards and t-shirts in the 80s.


2 thoughts on “Bangkok Skyline what can you see?

  1. David

    I don’t think that’s the sun… in fact it’s the Giant Pink Lantern of Kanchanaburi, launched each evening to ward off evil-doers and bad tidings.

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