Oh great day! Wireless at home!

Glory to god in the highest for giving me free wireless at home. This means I can blog to my heart’s content out of work hours and will never again fall down on my blogging responsibility.

To commemorate this occasion I will post a photo of me in my new Christmas PJs (thanks Beck and MJ) – my attire of choice when using the Internet at home.

I’m pretty sure I’m going to take this photo down in a matter of hours because it feels REALLY CREEPY to have a photo of myself in PJs on my blog.

UPDATE: The photo lasted for five days but eventually it had to go…

3 thoughts on “Oh great day! Wireless at home!

  1. yvonne

    maybe you should keep the idea of jimjam photo, but with you sitting on a chair or cooking in the kitchen…not on a bed looking happy

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