The beginning of the year

If we associate the end of the year with being worn out and needing a rest then we should not think about the beginning of the year as a time for renewed efficiency and work-related achievement, we should consider it a time to enjoy the feelings of being rested and happy — delay the onset of all that busyness so that we don’t end the year on the same tired, burnt out note.

Let’s do nice things like enjoy this cute ad.

Sent to me by Very Short List


2 thoughts on “The beginning of the year

  1. Josh

    it is a sweet ad. Made me think of something very distinct. It’s good I think, it reaches the soul of things. Even if it is a tad cute or sentimental, it’s a nice idea; the kiss and after kiss is the most disappointing bit, it’s kind of unnecessary because it’s implied, Sleepless in Seattle, no kiss, great film. It should end precisely at 1:21.

    The barber putting hair back on his customer is priceless.

  2. Josh

    She makes it. Somehow he spoils the energy that she has built up a bit by lingering in the commercial too long. It’s like he’s only been back twelve seconds and it’s already boring!It’s too nice! He should come back aged, like into his mid 70s.

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