News updates

1. My gym is officially closing down. They’ve begun to wheel out the treadmills. I don’t know how to get 10/12 of my gym membership back though.

2. I saw the cutest baby on the sky train today. You know how a puppy is cute and cuddly? Cross that with a very attractive baby in a sailor suit. Cute to the overload.

3. Yesterday I thought the office was lacking chocolate for Christmas so I went shopping at the convenience store at work.

Christmas treats

Christmas treats

As you can see they’re not that christmassy. Thinking about Christmas and chocolate made me think about raspberry bullets. I asked my  British friend if she’d heard of them to gauge whether they are universal. She hadn’t. Then I asked my Australian friend and she hadn’t heard of them either. I went to to Siam Paragon supermarket which is super fancy and sure to stock many foreign goodies. I stocked up on nice Christmas things and got some supplies for my guests arriving next week but couldn’t find raspberry bullets. On the way home I realised I’d forgotten to buy milk so I went to my regular supermarket and lo and behold, raspberry bullets!

4. I’m going on Christmas holidays tomorrow!

5. I had a great weekened that made me feel like Huck Finn and I plan to post about it before I go on holidays.


2 thoughts on “News updates

  1. sarahfortuna Post author

    I know! Could the timing be any worse? I’ll find a new gym next year and worry about the impending diabetes later…

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